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I've been a professional guitarist and teacher for many years. I'm passionate about connecting with students to help find their own path in music.

Over the years I have taught a huge range of students, in many styles, of all levels and across a very large age range.

My students include....

  • Children from 5 y.o

  • High school/HSC & Uni students

  • Adult learners

  • Parents with children

  • Self employed

  • Small groups

  • Musicians & Artists

  • Professionals of many varieties

    • (including Business owners, CEO's, Executives, Doctors, Developers, Architects, Builders, Engineers and many more.... )

  • ADF personnel

  • Retirees ( oldest student is 84 and still learning! )

Lessons are customized to each students goals and needs.

Most important is finding the balance between, what we WANT to play, and what we NEED to know, to keep ourselves always progressing, interested, and loving music.

Please get in contact anytime to make a booking, or if you have any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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